Oviston / Venterstad




Gariep Tourism falls into the Gariep Municipal area. This area includes Venterstad/Oviston, Steynsburg and Burgersdorp.


Burgersdorp, Steynsburg, Venterstad, Oviston 




Free State Business Bulletin Sept 2004 edition

  • With the development of the Lake !Gariep Tourism Route, various tourism related projects around the lake were identified to alleviate poverty and to create unique tourism products.
    At Venterstad the Gariep Municipality received a sum of R2,8 million for the Lake !Gariep Tourism Project in Venterstad and Oviston. With this funding the following projects were funded:
  • The upgrading of the caravan park at Oviston. The resort has been revamped and is now known as Lake !Gariep Resort

  • Fishing project: This project is co-ordinated by a group of 24 local fisherman. They have received training from Rhodes University of fishing with nets. This project failed to develop and was put on hold for some time. It has now been re-started with the help from Social Development.

  • House boat project: This project specialises in manufacturing in house boats. One house boat has been completed and will be launched during September. Unfortunately this project has run aground, but hopefully something similar will be available in the future.

  • Cultural Centre: On the farm Kareefontein, where the town of Venterstad was established nearly a century and a half ago a Cultural Centre was built. This Centre is a place of heritage, art and beauty. Steeped in history, the Centre will attract visitors with its stories on the legends of the area. Once again this project never further developed and it is hoped that this centre will become our local tourism centre shortly.

  • Kuyasa Arts and Craft Project: Kuyasa is a dual purpose Centre for the aged and children under 5 years. The people received training on arts and craft. The project is also currently running a daycare centre for over 30 children in the Oviston Clinic building.


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